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No ICAO posted, using default KPDX

.air File


Initial number of departures per round: (Max of 40)

Queue departures at runway(s)

Generate zip of rounds (Max of 25)

Departure delays (EuroScope):
    Standard interval: mins
    Initial spawns: aircraft

Airport flow: View weather

Error Rates

Equipment code:
Flight rules:
Total swap:

If none of the specific route options happen, up to first 4 items are swapped with items from a random route.

Allow long lines in .air file that load as NOFP


VFR: Minimum:
Helo: Minimum:
Satellite: Minimum: IFR only

Add departures from satellites

Only P80 and PDX (VUO) currently have a satellites. If no gates are defined, aircraft are placed at original coordinates, or randomly if none exist.

Allow first round to spawn away from gates.

Validation Checks

The following items are checked in the original logged data and flagged if suspected issues are found.

  • Callsign limited to 7 characters in TWRTrainer
  • Heavy/Super correctly indicated, T/ not necessary
  • Aircraft type code <=4 and >0 characters
  • Valid aircraft type code
  • Equipment code present and not uncommon
  • Equipment code matches plan (RVSM, RNAV...)
  • Destination airport recognized
  • IFR route has destination
  • Altitude correct for direction of flight
  • Altitude >450 feet above field elevation if local, >950 if not
  • Altitude not currently an unusable FL
  • Altitude not in class A for VFR
  • Route is not the default XSquawkbox one
  • Line in .air file is not >510 characters, added as NOFP
  • IFR route is not simply DCT too far away
  • SID matches direction of flight
  • SID is latest version
  • SID uses official code
  • SID matches departure airport
  • SID is usable by aircraft type


The following errors are randomly introduced by the program based on the probabilities set on this page. Any introduced errors are flagged along with an explanation of what was changed.

  • Heavy incorrectly indicated, T/ added
  • Equipment code removed or changed
  • Altitude made incorrect for direction of flight
  • Flight rules changed
  • Destination scrambled
  • Route changed in various ways:
    • Route entirely swapped with a different one
    • Route changed to DCT
    • Route made blank
    • First few points on route swapped with a different one
    • No flight plan at all


  • Indicate wrong departure airport somehow
  • First point in flight plan valid and not too far
  • Better handling of satellite fields
  • ...